Partners in Outreach is a dedicated group of hundreds of volunteers seeking opportunities to make a difference in the community by providing new clothing, summer camp supplies and literacy tools to children who could benefit from our assistance.

We seek ways to collaorate our efforts with other organizaitons and individuals who share our mission.

100% volunteer run.

Partners in Outreach was incorporated as a registered charitable organizaion in April, 2010. Prior to that time, there were years of involvement with the collection of new and gently used clothing for the St. Agnes Day Room in West Chester at Easter.  It was recognized that people loved this opportunity to give to their local community in such a simple and meaningful way. The birth of "Operation Easter Outfit" took new meaning as a few people began managing the program and spreading the effort across communities. 

We continue to achieve our mission through partnerships with organizations and individuals. The world is full of people who have the ability to make change happen, but just don’t know how, or have the resources to do so. At Partners in Outreach, we want to facilitate the connection between communities who are in need, and those who can give. At Partners in Outreach, we know we won’t change the world, but we will change someone’s world.


How? Through a select few, well-organized campaigns each year, we may provide an outfit, camp supplies,  books  or tutoring to those in need, and in doing so, engage more people in our efforts to make the world a place to give back.


As Partners in Outreach,  our goal is to foster relationships, facilitate partnerships and provide opportunities to service others with love, integrity and humility.


Please check out our events and programs and  our  very welcoming invitation to join our efforts in connecting communities through compassion.If you are interested in changing your world, and giving to those in need, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Your donations allow us to facilitate these programs.



"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."

         ~Edith Wharton